Laboratory in-charge
Mr. U. Rajasekaran, M.E.,

Technical staff
Mr. K. S.Thambusamy, D.E.E.E.,

Details of the Equipment

1 Power Tools 2
2 Dual Trace Oscilloscope (30 MHz) 6
3 Digital IC Tester 1
4 Inductive load 1
5 Capacitive load 1
6 Rheostat (5 KW) 2
7 2 KVA Transformer 2
8 Study Purpose Items Electrical( Iron box, Fan, Emergency lamp) 1 No Each
9 Electrical Measuring Instruments
AC Voltmeter, AC Ammeter, UPF Wattmeter, Power factor meter (each 5)
10 Study Purpose Items Electronics (Telephone, FM Radio, DC power supply) 2
11 Function Generator (3 MHz) 7
12 Dual Power Supply (0 – 30 V) 5
13 Auto Transformer 2
Total Cost – Rs. 11.15 Lakhs

List of Experiments

1 Residential house wiring using switches, fuse, indicator, lamp and energy meter
2 Fluorescent lamp wiring and Stair-case wiring
3 Measurement of electrical quantities – Voltage, Current, Power & Power factor in RLC circuit.
4 Measurement of energy using Single phase energy meter and resistance to earth of electrical equipment
5 Study of Electronic components and equipments – Resistor, colour coding measurement of
AC signal parameter (peak-peak, rms period, frequency) using CRO
6 Study of logic gates AND, OR, EX-OR and NOT, Generation of clock signal
7 Soldering practice – Components Devices and Circuits – Using general purpose PCB
8 Measurement of ripple factor of HWR and FWR
9 Study of Telephone, F.M Radio and Cell Phone
10 Verification of Ohm’s and Kirchhoff’s laws
11 Verification of Thevenin’s and Norton’s theorems
12 Verification of Superposition, Maximum Power Transfer and Reciprocity Theorems
13 Frequency response of Series and Parallel resonance circuits
14 Characteristics of PN, Zener diode, CE Configuration and CB Configuration
15 Characteristics of UJT, SCR, JFET, MOSFET, Diac, Triac, Photodiode and Phototransistor
16 Measurement of Self inductance of a coil, Verification of Mesh and Nodal analysis
17 Transient response of RL and RC circuits for DC inputs
18 Frequency response of Single tuned coupled circuits